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360 Agency Berlin is an integrated advertising agency, delivering a wide range of services from research and strategy through creativity, media execution and production, across digital and offline marketing. This integrated way of planning enables homogenized and tailored campaigns.



We implement with our specialists cost effective digital campaigns. We successfully implement and optimise DSP, search, Display, Ad Exchange campaigns. Our Team will ensure to deliver the best possible performance aligned with the objectives of your brand.


As Off-line still often part of the media behavior of most of the audiences we also plan and implement across print, TV, Radio, Outdoor and Cinema. Because we know as a fact that off-line and Online work best when perfectly imbricated and planned together.


We build from our studies, surveys and insights a robust creative & Media strategy. While building this essential milestone of the campaign,  we will ensure that it will be entirely applicable and adaptable to the next stages of the campaign.


Based on the  creative strategy we will build the creative assets aligned with the selected media platforms. this will enable a perfect homogeneity and consistency between Media and Creativity. 


We produce the creative with the same passion than for the strategies with the extremely talented pool that we have in Berlin. We also take care of the entire Post Production with our dear partner Post Production Berlin.


We create a detailed and entirely tailored media plan, across off-line and online platforms, tracking and optimizing the digital marketing material in order to identify what worked best and identify a clear ROI.


Because we believe in clarity and transparency we have decided to share our price list publicly.
The details below are including all fees. Please note that local taxes may apply depending on the market of purchase.

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Media Strategy

The Media strategy will enable to transform your objectives in KPI's and in a strong  media architecture with multiple touch points addressed to your target audience, addresses to their particular insights, all along the consumer journey from awareness to the purchase. We will build the communication architecture based on robust data applying processes used with the most renown brands across the world.


Creative Execution

The Creative strategy enables the team to transform your objectives in an efficient communication which is going to represent your values and principles in the most appealing and appropriate manner. This will be intimately built with the media strategy The cost vary from 10, 000 euros.



Following the creative strategy we will create the creative assets, with the wonderful pool of artists and our partners residing in Berlin and all over Germany. We will find the best directors, photographers, graphic designers, voice over, aligned with the needs of your brand, cost from 2,000 to 100,000 euros.

Post Production

With our partner Post Production Berlin  we offer a large number of services  from DCP Creation , Formats Transfer, exports, TV and cinema Upload  translations and subtitles creation in German, English, French and Spanish, Editing to grading (from 1,000 euros), special effects and sound designing.

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Media Planning & Buying

We will build an extremely precise Media Plan (across digital, OOH, TV, Print when appropriate and needed), which shows in details in which mediums and channels we will incorporate the different creative assets. Digital or off-line placements, creative rotations and costs will be clearly assembled in the final media plan and will be purchased at the best possible costs, with our long term local and global partners. Cost charged on the percentage of CTC of the media plan.


Each service can be purchased separately,  for further information please contact us via e-mail to info@360agencyberlin.com
or alternatively via telephone:
+49 30 5560 3011 or +49 176 239 48438

Services 360 Agency Berlin

Also please note that 360 Agency Berlin is the first advertising agency in the world to accept payment in Cryptocurrency in BITCOIN and ETHEREUM.