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You will find below a selection of our latest work

 HEINEKEN - 12 CITIES Campaign WM - 
360 Degrees VR Digital content.

Heineken is one of the most sustainable Beer brand in the world. From energy innovations to inspiring positive social change. Heineken is considerably reducing water consumption in breweries and plan to cut consumption by 30%  by 2020. 
Heineken is also starting to look beyond 2020 to define 2030 commitments in alignment with the COP21 Paris Agreement on climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

360 Agency Berlin filmed for Heineken a 360 degrees Digital Content where the viewer can maneuver between the different atmosphere of the set. 
Producer: 360 Agency Berlin, Director: Andrea Henao, DOP: Ramses RadiDOP: Jackie Mia, Sound Engineer: Alexander Olenga, Sound Engineer: Pablo Saitua, Stylist/Make Up Artist: Marie Klinke.
Campaign aired in Asia.


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DRIVY -  DRIVY Germany Launch Campaign
TV Campaign Germany

360 Agency Berlin worked on the strategy, the creative development and post production - Mars 2017- Launch Campaign across 17 different TV channels and 11 destinations.

290 millions cars in Europe, spend 93% of their time parked. In this current conjuncture of mass production and wastage, and, with the raise of shareability economy,  Drivy developped  a very clever particular to particular car rental service. Drivy is the leader in France and shall keep this leading position in other European markets . 360 Agency Berlin, created the taglines for the German market and adapted the content to this target audience, providing services from Copy writing to post production and TV Uploads.
TV campaign across 17 Channels, 11 destinations - Mars 2017.

Project Manager: Alexander Olenga Copy Writer: Christian Herde and Martin Gosch, Creative Direction Ramses Radi, Post Production: Humphrey G. Lebrun.


Hernest creates a new world of sleepwear we've all been dreaming of. Soulful attention to detail, luxurious, and ageless style - with a conscientious, ecological. The brand uses TENCEL material in all their garments. Lyocell fibres have gained a commendable reputation for their environmentally responsible closed loop production process. Also 100% of their packaging (including hang tags, labels, bags and shipping materials) are reusable, or made from recycled material and is recyclable.
360 Agency Berlin strongly love and supports HERNEST Project. For further information do not hesitate to check their website: https://hernestproject.com/
Photographer/Creative Director: Ramses Radi, Assistant Photographer (the best you can find): Alexander Olenga, Project Manager: Martin Gosch, Producer: Andrea Henao

 Outdoor & Print Campaign

"PANDORA is committed to advancing responsible business practices from the sourcing of gemstones, high-quality metals and other materials to the crafting and marketing of the jewelry.

PANDORA, have strict ethical requirements of their business partners. This means that their crafting facilities in Thailand, as well as relevant suppliers and subcontractors are subject to audits and approvals by these partners before a final business contract can be signed, and are subject to frequent audits hereafter. Photographer and Art Director Ramses Radi.
Campaign aired in Asia.


IRONMAN -  70.3 Rügen Campaign 
 Social Media Content

Pearly-white chalk cliffs, lush beech forests and fine-sandy beaches—on the island of Ruegen, the Baltic Sea’s landscape shows its most beautiful face. The pristine scenery, enchanting fishing villages, and the nostalgic architecture of Ruegen’s seaside resorts form a unique setting for athletic records captured by 360 Agency Berlin for IRONMAN online content Strategy.
Below you can access 4 out of the 5 videos created on the same day, covering Iron Man felt like running the IRONMAN ourselves a big thank you to the team who managed to get the images on the sweat of their brow:
Project Manager and Drone Pilote: Martin Gosch, DOP, Cameraman and Editor: (Our superstar) Ramses Radi, and Producer and Director: Andrea Henao


Cinema, Outdoor, Digital, PR and Social Media Campaign

Luxoft is creating the future of the automotive industry with a project called Berlin 2040, this initiative has for goal to address questions of the future of the industry such as reduction of CO2 emissions, Vehicles sharability, automated conduct) . For this purpose 360 Agency Berlin created a 360 degrees landing page enabling to understand the vision and proposal of Luxoft.
For this campaign 360 Agency Berlin has built the strong media strategy, planning and buying across offline and online platforms.
An entirely integrated campaign has been built to touch the audience during different points of their consumer journey, hence Digital, outdoor and cinema have been planned together to increase reach and Frequency and enable a consistent message across various but complementary platforms.
Project Manager: Alexander Olenga, Planning & Strategy: Andrea Henao, Event Set Up: Martin Gosch 


DO YOU GREEN - The Supernatural Power of Organic Lingerie 
Digital Marketing Campaign

360 Agency Berlin worked on building the brand strategy, reviewing the online properties, building the creative development and supporting the post production process - European Launch in September 2016. Do you green is an ecological brand which produces all their underwear from pine tree, which requires less water than coton to be processed. The material is very soft and made in France as well the as the dentelle that they use in their collection.
360 Agency Berlin worked on the strategy, the creative development and media the implementation - September 2016 - Online Campaign.
Creative Direction/Planning & Strategy: Andrea Henao


  Social Media Content 

With a simple and robust new technology, Folia Water can provide safe drinking water for billions at the cost of less than a penny a day.  This technology can filter 50 liters of water so one week of safe water consumption. The Paper is lightweight and easy to carry. Each filter paper weighs only a few grams. Paper is a natural, renewable, biodegradable material and Folia sources paper from certified sustainable forests. Most importantly no heat required, No pump required, No electricity or power required. If you would like any further information regarding press or funding do not hesitate to contact them directly by clicking on the following link: https://www.foliawater.com/contact/


Mind Co-working Space - The Launch Campaign 
   Digital & Social Media Campaign

Online campaign seeded in social networks and online display, to support the launch of two new working spaces in Germany.
360 Agency Berlin assets created the creative assets below to seed online. 
Producer: 360 Agency Berlin, Art Director: Andrea Henao,  Project Manager : Martin Gosch
Campaign aired in our Social Media Platform Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Internal Campaign-  In Nature Nothing is lost - 
Social Media content.

360 Agency Berlin assets were revolted to see the effects of plastic on our marine natural resources, hence the creative team decided to create impactful creative assets in order to incentivise the viewer to avoid wild dumping and increase recycling. This campaign managed to generate 20,000 views on social media entirely organically. 
Producer: 360 Agency Berlin, Art Director: Andrea HenaoGraphic Desiger: Theodosia Thano, Project Manager : Alexander Olenga
Campaign aired in our Social Media Platform Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.
Full Article can be read here.

In+Nature+Nothing+is+lost 360 Agency Berlin.jpg

Internal Campaign-  Animals in Danger - 
Social Media content.

360 Agency Berlin asset Simon B is a great asset when it comes to Animation, 2D and 3D design. He created for 360 Agency Berlin a collection of Key Visuals denunciating in a very colourful way the animals of the planet most in danger.
Producer: 360 Agency Berlin, Art Director: Andrea HenaoGraphic Desiger: Simon B
Campaign aired in our Social Media Platform Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook.

Giraffe Carré.jpg
Lion insta_Plan de travail 1 copie.png

Internal Campaign-  No Bees No Life - 
Social Media content.

360 Agency Berlin assets wanted to raise awareness about the essential place that bees represent in our eco-system and how endangered they currently are. 
Producer: 360 Agency Berlin, Art Director: Andrea HenaoGraphic Desiger: Theodosia Thano, Project Manager : Alexander Olenga
Campaign aired in our Social Media Platform Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.
Full Article available here.