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The First Advertising Agency in the world to Promote Exclusively Sustainable brands & initiatives.

Our Team 360 Agency Berlin

Our Team

Our team has a global creative and Media background with Online (DSP, Search, Display) and Off-Line (Print, Outdoor, Cinema, TV, radio and PR) specialists Having worked for the most famous international brands, our goal is to deliver a consistent and innovative communication through our agency, ensuring a perfect alignment and delivery between the different disciplines.

360 Agency Berlin Andrea Henao

Andrea Henao
Managing Director


Andrea believes strongly that if we want to improve the place we live in, business should not only be business. She is one of the revolutionary thinkers deciding that 360 Agency Berlin would promote exclusively sustainable brands and take full responsibility of the brands and products they promote.  Andrea has been working for 12 years in Global advertising, from the Volkswagen global account at Mediacom in Berlin, to the Heineken global account at Starcom in Amsterdam, LG global account at Mindshare and Philips global account at Carat in London.

Raoul Henao Leon 360 Agency Berlin

Raoul Leon


Raoul Leon is one of the main partners and financial benefactors and advisers of the agency, believing decades ago that it was urgent to change the way production and communication shall be thought and executed.  Despite his numerous travels he always finds the time to read his invaluable books. He is definitely one of the biggest lover of nature we ever found on our way.

Luke Anders 360 Agency Berlin

Luke Anders
Head of Media Strategy

Luke is the second of the three funders of the agency. He has also been working in Global advertising for more than a decade and is specialised in Global Media Stragtegy.

Luke is more than a clever cookie. He is someone amazing to work with, always feeling the media trends before anyone else.  Luke thinks media and creativity as a whole with a processed and thought through media mix of off-line and digital advertising.

Martin Gosch Germany Project Manager 360 Agency Berlin

Martin Gosch
Client Director EMEA

Martin Gosch is our super man for the EMEA territories. He has a real attention to details and understands very clearly how the different mediums work  together (Digital, TV, Print, Outdoor, PR and Event)  and how the different disciplines need to strongly be  imbricated in order to deliver strong impactful campaigns.

Ramses Radi 360 Agency Berlin Creative Director

Ramses Radi
Head of Creative department

Ramses Radi is one of the most talented Directors of his generation, after working in Global advertising in China and Europe he collected some very advanced skills and processes which enable him to ensure that creativity can be perfectly aligned with media and part of a powerful strategy. Ramses is also a sweet character with an incredible world of colours and imaged world, working with him on a daily basis is made of  joy and laugh.

Alexander Olenga 360 Agency Berlin Manager

Alexander Olenga
Client Manager

Alexander Olenga is our New Business manager, he is dedicated to the marketers to share the different solutions  tailored to their needs and goals. Alexander is kind, patient and dedicated, someone amazing to have on board.
Alexander loves as well the amazing nightlife that Berlin can offer,  he is like a fish in the Berlin great ocean of music Avant-garde.

Digital+Head 360 Agency Berlin

Florian Schieldhem
Head of Digital

Florian has an outstanding analitycal mind. He looks systematically at all parameters before to suggest a specific tactical or approach, always taking into consideration our Sustainable main audience and to find the perfect approach never too intrusive for the end consumer. He also have a great relationship with the different media owners reviewing together on a weekly basis for industry innovations.

Marc Nikishin Director of Acquisitions 360 Agency Berlin.jpg

Marc Nikischin
Director of Acquisitions

Marc knows Berlin like his own pocket, originally from Cologne he worked for 6 years as Head of sales for the Media Waz Group.  He knows German media environment down to the smallest details, he helps clients to get the best possible assets for their campaign. The favorite sentence of Marc would be: work hard, play harder.

Fred Tachaoui 360 Agency Berlin

Fred Tachaoui
Web Administrator - Developper

Fred is very technical, who find the best solutions to develop not only websites but also applications. There is no small talks with Fred, straight to the point he will deliver what you need in the best possible standard and the shortest time frame you could imagine. 

With a great taste when it comes to graphic design and music he also  organises monthly one of the best parties in town.

Stephane Bouthier Head of SEO 360 Agency Berlin.jpg

Stephane Bouthier
SEO - Online Marketing Manager

Stephane is our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guru applying successful technology and methodology to increase the visibility of your website.
Stephane comes from an advertising background as a web developer front end, he knows how to create a website and how to make it visible trough the existing search engines. He will make your website one of the most visible within its category.

simon Rimey Head of Post Prroduction 360 Agency Berlin.jpg

Simon Rimey
Head of Post Production

Simon has been working in post production for more than 15 years, from editing XFiles, to  the very known French television programs he is one of the best grade, editors in Europe. We are truly happy to have him on board and leading the entire post production at www.postproductionberlin.com

Marlene 360.jpg

Marlene von Falkenstein
Head of Social Media & Community Management

Marlene is with no doubt one of the most dynamic element from our team.
She heads our Social Media department Alex supports her in this very demanding task. Marlene comes always with the best strategies combining all the different parameters of the campaigns making them fit like a well succeded puzzle giving one homogenised image. Marlene is with no doubt attached to details and will do what is required to generate the best possible social media content to generate the agreed KPI’S and organically as she prefers most of the time. Marlene is definitely someone you need to have in your team if you want your campaign to succeed. Passionated by Design she has her own Instagram account with over 17,000 Followers that you can see below by clicking here.

The above names are the visible part of the iceberg,  whilst there are a multitude of collaborators that we wish to thank, and, that we hope you will have the chance to meet during future collaborations.  This is why you'll find the artists we believe and represent below.


Ramses Radi

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