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360 Agency Berlin

The Most Innovative Advertising & Creative Agency.

360 Agency Berlin is one of the most innovative advertising and creative agency in Europe, promoting exclusively sustainable brands across the world. 
Built by the best creative and media experts specialized in International advertising, 360 Agency Berlin builds distinctive and memorable campaigns across the world. 

360 Agency Berlin rights reserved. 360 Agency Berlin, 360 Agency Europe and 360 Agency Americas Team

Our Team

Our team has a global creative and advertising background.
Having all worked with the most famous international brands, our goal is to deliver a consistent and innovative communication through our agency, ensuring a perfect alignment and delivery between strategy, creativity, production and media implementation
In order to deliver the most impactful campaigns.

Andréa Henao - Partner

Luke Anders - Head of Strategy

Boris Dosseh - Director of New Business

Alexander Olenga - New Business Manager

Charlotte Huguet - New Business Executive

Martin Gosch - Project Coordinator Germany

Fred Tachaoui - Web administrator/Developper

Humphrey G. Lebrun - Director of Photography

The above names are the visible part of the iceberg,  whilst there are a multitude of collaborators that we wish to thank, and, that we hope you will have the chance to meet during future collaborations. 

For further information please contact us via e-mail to info@360agencyberlin.com
or alternatively via telephone:
+49 (0) 30 5560 3011 or+49 (0) 176 239 48438